ZEDAS logistics software supports effective logistics processes

How do I plan and monitor my shunting trips effectively? How do I always keep an overview of the current wagon locations, delivery and collection orders? These and other tasks are solved by the zedas®cargo software from ZEDAS Ltd, based in Senftenberg in Brandenburg/Germany. The company will provide information about this at their ZEDAS Summit 2023 on March 16th and 17th, in webinars, and also at the transport logistic trade fair in Munich on May 9th-12th.
As early as 2018, the then German Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer wanted to make so-called turning assistants mandatory for trucks. Brigade Electronics BV offers technical solutions against fatal accidents.
Studying made easy: The industry magazine of WEKA Industrie Medien GmbH and the LIMAK Austrian Business School jointly award partial scholarships in Linz for two MBA and two university courses Sustainable Business and the Circular Economy with a total value of 28,800 euros.
"We need a strong ramp-up of rail freight traffic!" affirmed the new Rail Commissioner of the German Federal Government, Michael Theurer, at the 15th Forum for Rail Freight Transport organized by the VDV/BME. Cargo Manager documents the 20-minute speech on the Cargo Manager video platform at the link: https://youtu.be/Ofrqh4FdSzY
"The future belongs to the smartest ports, not necessarily the largest," stated Dr. Małgorzata Bielenia from the University of Gdańsk at the 24th "Kiel Market Square". The traditional networking event of the maritime industry took place for the first time on May 31, 2022 together with foreign partners - in Kiel's Seeburg and this time in English.
Sunshine shone on the exhibition center of Halle Münsterland, sunshine also dominated the facial expressions of the thousands of trade visitors from 72 countries. The 28th iaf in Münster/Westphalia was a complete success, summed up Dr. Siegfried Krause, organizer of the trade fair.
"Track to the Future" was the leitmotif of the 28th International Exhibition of Track Technology (iaf) in Münster, Westphalia. "I am delighted that so many of you have remained loyal to the trade fair and are contributing to the success of the iaf by participating," said VDEI President Dr. Thomas Mainka. "It also fills me with pride that there are many impressive world premieres to be seen at the trade fair again this time."
125 years ago, Siemens & Halske acquired a 21-hectare property on the "Nonnenwiesen" in Spandau, which was still independent at the time. From 1914 the district, which now belongs to Berlin, was called Siemensstadt. This large area is now to be given a second future under the name “Siemensstadt Square”.