ZEDAS logistics software supports effective logistics processes

ZEDAS logistics software supports effective logistics processes

ZEDAS logistics software supports effective logistics processes

Logistic control processes with the software zedas®cargo. Graphic: ZEDAS
How do I plan and monitor my shunting trips effectively? How do I always keep an overview of the current wagon locations, delivery and collection orders? These and other tasks are solved by the zedas®cargo software from ZEDAS Ltd, based in Senftenberg in Brandenburg/Germany. The company will provide information about this at their ZEDAS Summit 2023 on March 16th and 17th, in webinars, and also at the transport logistic trade fair in Munich on May 9th-12th.

The ZEDAS Summit will take place at the Radisson Blu in Cottbus. Customers and invited guests of the company can exchange ideas with experts on asset management and rail logistics. There are customer reports on the use of the software, a live software demonstration and debates on trends in the railway sector. The conference language is German.

The company explains: “The zedas®cargo Train Check greatly simplifies train dispatching and the creation of wagon lists and brake slips. The app uses all data from previous processes, such as the transport order, and uses it for all subsequent steps. The Train Check was awarded the German Mobility Prize 2020 as an innovative, sustainable project.”

The company further explains that the customer can use the Rail Hub module from zedas®cargo to transmit transport orders to the EVU in a simple and standardized manner. Intelligent algorithms predict the time of arrival (ETA) of the customer order to avoid idle times and adjust follow-up activities in case of delays. The Train Check app from zedas®cargo enables paperless train dispatch and automates many on-site processes. With these apps, working hours can be recorded and billed in a personalized way.

Information on the company’s offers, the summit and webinars can be found under the links: https://www.zedas.com/de/summit-2023 and: https://www.zedas.com/de/webinare The company has around 90 employees. With the Train Check app, ZEDAS was awarded the German Mobility Prize – Preisträger Deutscher Mobilitätspreis 2020 .

Hermann Schmidtendorf, Editor-in-Chief

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