Austrian Verein Netzwerk Logistik VNL: Strengthen multimodal business chains

Austrian Verein Netzwerk Logistik VNL: Strengthen multimodal business chains

Austrian Verein Netzwerk Logistik VNL: Strengthen multimodal business chains

Over 150 participants attended the VNL Powerday Transport Management.
Under the title "Economic Development 2023 - Effects on Transport Chains", the VNL held its traditional "Power Day Transport Management" on January 26, 2023 in Linz, Austria. Key insight: In order to achieve the climate goals, the promotion of intermodal freight transport is essential. Long transport routes should be made by train and short distances for delivery and collection by truck.

At the same time, this makes it easier for truck drivers to plan their working hours.Intermodal transport can also at least partially reduce the shortage of truck drivers.In general, VNL chairman Deputy Kurt Leidinger sees a need for action, especially in European transport policy.“The modes of transport favored by European transport policy for achieving the climate goals, inland waterway and rail, are afflicted with major problems in terms of both costs and capacity.In contrast, truck transport is relatively stable in price and has no capacity problems.”

The managing director of LogServ Christian Janecek explained in his presentation with a view to rail and inland waterways in freight transport: “Due to capacity bottlenecks and the sharp rise in factor and energy costs, the transport prices for rail and inland waterways will rise. I don’t expect a corresponding normalisation within the next two to three years. We are trying to counteract the rising costs by linking inbound and outbound transport.”

On the other hand, there is a calming down in road freight traffic, said Bernhard Schmaldienst, Director Operations at Transporeon: “We see that road freight traffic will develop more predictably again this year after two turbulent years with large price fluctuations. This will lead to a flatter price development.”

The moderator Andreas Breinbauer (Head of Logistics and Transport Management FH at the BFI Vienna) with (from left to right) Joachim Felks (Corporate Director Product Management Air Cargo, cargo-partner), Bernhard Schmaldienst (Director Operations, Transporeon) and Christian Janecek (Managing Director, LogServ). Pictures (2): VNL

Andreas Stepan, Chairman of VÖSA – Association of Austrian Shipping Agents, also saw the market calm down again in sea freight transport. The falling freight rates are already approaching the pre-corona period, reported Stepan: “Depending on the dependency on the corona situation in China, the sea freight market can stabilize again from mid-2023.”

Joachim Felks, Corporate Director Product Management Air Cargo, cargo-partner, spoke about air freight. His forecasts assume a roughly 4% decline in global air freight volume for 2023. Airline freighter orders are at a peak.

The organiser of the Powerdays VNL is the business network in the field of logistics in Austria. The VNL explains its own tasks as follows: “The focus is on bringing together current and future requirements for logistics with the corresponding solutions from research and educational institutions, companies, technology transfer offices, technology centers and private logistics companies. This active networking strengthens the logistics competence of the companies and their employees and makes a significant contribution to increasing competitiveness, innovative strength and security of supply”.

As a founding member, the association Netzwerk Logistik also supports “Austrian Logistics”, an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology to highlight the excellent, worldwide performance of Austrian logistics.

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Hermann Schmidtendorf, Editor-in-Chief

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